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Ann Rheum Dis. Jul 2001; 60(7): 641–649.
PMCID: PMC1753749

Guidelines for musculoskeletal ultrasound in rheumatology

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Figures and Tables

Figure 1
Anterior transverse scan in neutral position at the bicipital groove. h = humerus; t = biceps tendon; d = deltoid muscle.
Figure 2
Anterior transverse scan in maximal internal rotation of the shoulder. h = humerus; t = supraspinatus tendon; d = deltoid muscle.
Figure 3
Anterior humeroradial longitudinal scan at the elbow. h = humerus; r = radius; m = muscles; ° = articular cartilage
Figure 4
Anterior transverse scan at the distal humeral epiphysis. h = humerus; ° = articular cartilage; m = muscles.
Figure 5
Posterior transverse scan at the distal humeral epiphysis. h = humerus; ° = articular cartilage; m = triceps muscle.
Figure 6
Volar transverse scan at the carpal tunnel. r = radius; n = median nerve; t = flexor tendons.
Figure 7
Dorsal transverse scan at the metacarpal head. mh = metacarpal head; t = extensor tendon.
Figure 8
Palmar longitudinal scan at the metacarpophalangeal joint. * = joint cavity; ° = articular cartilage; pp = proximal phalanx; mh = metacarpal head; t = flexor tendon. ...
Figure 9
Palmar longitudinal scan at the distal interphalangeal joint. * = joint cavity; dp = proximal phalanx; mp = middle phalanx; t = flexor tendon.
Figure 10
Palmar transverse scan at the metacarpal head. mh = metacarpal head; ° = articular cartilage; t = flexor tendon.
Figure 11
Anterior longitudinal scan at the hip. a = acetabulum; f = femur; * = joint cavity; m = muscles.
Figure 12
Suprapatellar transverse scan in maximal flexion. f = femur; ° = articular cartilage.
Figure 13
Anterior longitudinal scan at the ankle. tib = tibia; tal = talus; ° = articular cartilage.
Figure 14
Posterior longitudinal scan at the heel. t = achilles tendon; cal = calcaneus; k = Kager's fat pat.
Figure 15
Dorsal longitudinal scan at the first toe. mh = metatarsal head; ; pp = proximal phalanx; t = extensor tendon; * = joint cavity; ° = articular cartilage.

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