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Ann Rheum Dis. Jun 2001; 60(6): 627–631.
PMCID: PMC1753663

Raised levels of F2-isoprostanes and prostaglandin F in different rheumatic diseases


OBJECTIVE—To evaluate oxidative injury and inflammatory status in various rheumatic diseases by measuring the levels of isoprostanes and prostaglandins in serum and synovial fluid.
METHODS—The concentrations of 8-iso-PGF (F2-isoprostane indicating oxidative injury) and 15-keto-dihydro-PGF (a major metabolite of prostaglandin F) were measured in both serum and synovial fluid aspirated from 26 patients with various arthritic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA), reactive arthritis (ReA), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), and osteoarthritis (OA). These prostaglandin derivatives were also measured in serum samples collected from 42 healthy control subjects.
RESULTS—Overall, serum levels of 8-iso-PGF and 15-keto-dihydro-PGF were much higher in patients with arthritic diseases than in the healthy control subjects. The levels of 8-iso-PGF and 15-keto-dihydro-PGF in synovial fluid aspirated from knee joints were also high and varied among various types of arthritic patients. Although the synovial fluid level of these prostaglandin derivatives was sometimes higher than in the corresponding serum sample, this was not a consistent finding. Overall, there was no correlation between serum and synovial fluid levels of 8-iso-PGF, or between serum and synovial fluid levels of 15-keto-dihydro-PGF. However, a strong relation was found between the levels of 8-iso-PGF and 15-keto-dihydro-PGF2α, in both serum (rs=0.53, p<0.001) and synovial fluid (rs=0.62, p<0.001).
CONCLUSIONS—These data suggest that both free radical mediated oxidative injury and cyclo-oxygenase dependent inflammatory responses are closely correlated in various types of arthritis.

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Figures and Tables

Figure 1
Schematic diagram of relation between inflammation and oxidative injury, and endogenous formation of 8-iso-PGF through free radical and 15-keto-dihydro-PGF via cyclo-oxygenase catalysed oxidation of arachidonic acid. ROS = reactive ...
Figure 2
Serum levels of (A) 8-iso-PGF and (B) 15-keto-dihydro-PGF in individual patients with various types of rheumatic disease, and controls. The mean level is represented by a bar in each group.
Figure 3
Synovial fluid levels of (A) 8-iso-PGF and (B) 15-keto-dihydro-PGF in individual patients with various types of rheumatic disease, and controls. The mean level is represented by a bar in each group.

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