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Infect Immun. Apr 1995; 63(4): 1567–1572.
PMCID: PMC173190

Isolation and characterization of a family of porin proteins from Helicobacter pylori.


Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis was used to identify heat-modifiable outer membrane proteins, which were candidates for porins, from Helicobacter pylori membrane preparations. Four such proteins with apparent molecular masses of 48, 49, 50, and 67 kDa were isolated. The four proteins copurified together after selective detergent solubilizations followed by anion-exchange chromatography, and each protein was ultimately purified to homogeneity by gel purification. These proteins were then tested for pore-forming ability with a planar lipid bilayer model membrane system. All four proteins appeared to be present as monomers, and they formed pores with low single-channel conductances in 1.0 M KCl of 0.36, 0.36, 0.30, and 0.25 nS, respectively, for the 48-, 49-, 50-, and 67-kDa proteins which we propose to designate HopA, HopB, HopC, and HopD. N-terminal amino acid sequence analyses showed a high degree of homology among all four proteins, and it appears that these proteins constitute a family of related porins in H. pylori.

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