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Clin Microbiol Rev. Jul 1996; 9(3): 293–300.
PMCID: PMC172894

Current status of poliovirus infections.


Two scientists who played leading roles in the conquest of poliomyelitis died recently. In 1954, Jonas Salk provided the first licensed polio vaccine, the formalin (and heat)-inactivated virus. Albert Sabin gave us the attenuated live virus vaccine, which was licensed in 1962. This paper takes the reader through the history of the disease, including its pathogenesis, epidemiology, vaccines, and future directions. The emphasis is on vaccines, for it seems that with proper vaccination the number of new cases is falling dramatically. It is hoped that by the year 2000, we will accomplish the goal of the World Health Organization of "a world without polio." Then, because there is no animal reservoir, we can seriously discuss when and how to eliminate the need for vaccination and ultimately destroy our stocks of poliovirus.

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