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(Upper) V-H TASK. Schematic diagram of the visuo-haptic cross-modal task. (Upper Left) Monkey watching the visual cue (icon) in the center of the panel, the operating hand resting on the handrest. (The opening that gives manual access to the test objects is occluded.) (Upper Right) Events in a trial of the task labeled sequentially. Cell discharge is analyzed in three trial epochs (time spans indicated): visual cue, delay, and haptic choice. In this task, the animal rests his hand on the handrest continuously except for the choice period. In the sample trial displayed, the visual cue is the vertical icon, and the animal correctly matches the cue with a pull on the vertical rod. (Lower) H-H TASK. (Lower Left) A simplified drawing of the test apparatus for the haptic-haptic unimodal task. The monkey palpates the sample object. (Lower Right) Schematic diagram of the events in a trial. The animal touches the vertical rod during the sample period, and after the delay pulls it in the correct choice.

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