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Am J Hum Genet. Jul 1983; 35(4): 565–572.
PMCID: PMC1685723

Linkage of the evolutionarily-related serum albumin and alpha-fetoprotein genes within q11-22 of human chromosome 4.


Albumin and alpha-fetoprotein are structurally related serum proteins, having a similar gene structure and, conceivably, a common evolutionary origin. To test their relative arrangement in the human genome, the serum albumin and alpha-fetoprotein genes were mapped by in situ hybridization of cloned human albumin or alpha-fetoprotein cDNA to human mitotic chromosome preparations. Analysis of cells hybridized with the serum albumin probe showed that 39% of cells exhibited grains on the proximal portion of the long arm of chromosome 4 (bands q11-22), with these grains comprising 30% of all labeled sites throughout these mitoses. Similarly, in cells hybridized with the alpha-fetoprotein probe, 39% of cells were observed to contain silver grains on 4q11-22, these grains constituting 20% of all labeled sites in these cells. These results demonstrate chromosomal localization and linkage of the serum albumin and alpha-fetoprotein genes within bands q11-22 of the long arm of human chromosome 4.

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