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Am J Hum Genet. May 1991; 48(5): 911–925.
PMCID: PMC1683054

A detailed multipoint map of human chromosome 4 provides evidence for linkage heterogeneity and position-specific recombination rates


Utilizing the CEPH reference panel and genotypic data for 53 markers, we have constructed a 20-locus multipoint genetic map of human chromosome 4. New RFLPs are reported for four loci. The map integrates a high-resolution genetic map of 4p16 into a continuous map extending to 4q31 and an unlinked cluster of three loci at 4q35. The 20 linked markers form a continuous linkage group of 152 cM in males and 202 cM in females. Likely genetic locations are provided for 25 polymorphic anonymous sequences and 28 gene-specific RFLPs. The map was constructed employing the LINKAGE and CRIMAP computational methodologies to build the multipoint map via a stepwise algorithm. A detailed 10-point map of the 4p16 region constructed from the CEPH panel provides evidence for heterogeneity in the linkage maps constructed from families segregating for Huntington disease (HD). It additionally provides evidence for position-specific recombination frequencies in the telomeric region of 4p.

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