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Plant Cell. Dec 1993; 5(12): 1739–1748.
PMCID: PMC160400

Arabidopsis GLABROUS1 Gene Requires Downstream Sequences for Function.


The Arabidopsis GLABROUS1 (GL1) gene is a myb gene homolog required for the initiation of trichome development. In situ hybridization revealed that the highest levels of GL1 transcripts were present in developing trichomes. In contrast, previous work had shown that putative promoter sequences from the 5[prime] noncoding region of the GL1 gene directed the expression of a [beta]-glucuronidase (GUS) reporter gene only in stipules. Deletion analysis of the 3[prime] noncoding region of GL1 has identified an enhancer that is essential for GL1 function. Sequences from the region containing the enhancer, in conjunction with GL1 upstream sequences, direct the expression of a GUS reporter gene in leaf primordia and developing trichomes in addition to stipules, indicating that the downstream enhancer is required for the normal expression pattern of GL1.

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