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Plant Cell. Apr 1993; 5(4): 465–475.
PMCID: PMC160285

A High-Resolution Gene Map of the Chloroplast Genome of the Red Alga Porphyra purpurea.


Extensive DNA sequencing of the chloroplast genome of the red alga Porphyra purpurea has resulted in the detection of more than 125 genes. Fifty-eight (approximately 46%) of these genes are not found on the chloroplast genomes of land plants. These include genes encoding 17 photosynthetic proteins, three tRNAs, and nine ribosomal proteins. In addition, nine genes encoding proteins related to biosynthetic functions, six genes encoding proteins involved in gene expression, and at least five genes encoding miscellaneous proteins are among those not known to be located on land plant chloroplast genomes. The increased coding capacity of the P. purpurea chloroplast genome, along with other characteristics such as the absence of introns and the conservation of ancestral operons, demonstrate the primitive nature of the P. purpurea chloroplast genome. In addition, evidence for a monophyletic origin of chloroplasts is suggested by the identification of two groups of genes that are clustered in chloroplast genomes but not in cyanobacteria.

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