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Plant Cell. May 1992; 4(5): 539–547.
PMCID: PMC160151

The small genome of Arabidopsis contains at least six expressed alpha-tubulin genes.


The goal of our investigations is to define the genetic control of microtubule-based processes in a higher plant. The available evidence suggests that we have achieved our first objective: the characterization of the complete alpha-tubulin and beta-tubulin gene families of Arabidopsis. Four additional alpha-tubulin genes (TUA2, TUA4, TUA5, and TUA6) of Arabidopsis have been cloned and sequenced to complete the analysis of the gene structure for all six alpha-tubulin genes detectable on DNA gel blots of Arabidopsis genomic DNA hybridized with alpha-tubulin coding sequences. TUA1 and TUA3 were characterized earlier in our laboratory. Noncoding gene-specific hybridization probes have been constructed for all six alpha-tubulin genes and used in RNA gel blot analyses to demonstrate that all six genes are transcribed. The six genes encode four different alpha-tubulin isoforms; TUA2 and TUA4 encode a single isoform, as do TUA3 and TUA5. Two-dimensional protein gel immunoblot analyses have resolved at least four alpha-tubulin isoforms from plant tissues, suggesting that all of the predicted TUA gene products are synthesized in vivo.

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