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Plant Cell. Feb 1989; 1(2): 201–208.
PMCID: PMC159752

Sequences downstream of translation start regulate quantitative expression of two petunia rbcS genes.


We investigated the basis for quantitative differences in leaf expression of the petunia genes (rbcS) encoding the small subunit of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase. The most abundantly, SSU301, and the most weakly, SSU911, expressed petunia rbcS genes maintained their differential expression when transferred to tobacco, indicating that the determinants of quantitative expression are intrinsic to these rbcS genes. Analysis of chimeric genes in which the sequences of SSU301 and SSU911 had been exchanged at the translation start showed that sequences both 5' and 3' to the start codon contribute to differences in steady-state mRNA levels. The sequences 3' to the translation initiation codon were investigated by preparing chimeric genes in which sequences of the SSU301 and SSU911 were exchanged between each intron and at the translation termination codon. The results showed that sequences downstream of the coding region contribute to quantitative differences in expression of SSU301 and SSU911, and nuclear run-on transcription experiments indicated that the 3' sequences affect transcription rates of the rbcS genes.

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