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Plant Physiol. Jun 1997; 114(2): 591–596.
PMCID: PMC158341

Proline accumulation and salt-stress-induced gene expression in a salt-hypersensitive mutant of Arabidopsis.


The sos1 mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana is more than 20 times more sensitive to NaCl stress than wild type Arabidopsis. Because proline (Pro) is generally thought to have an important role in plant salt tolerance, the sos1 mutant and the wild type were compared with respect to their capacity to accumulate Pro under NaCl stress, and sos1 mutant plants accumulated more Pro than wild-type. The P5CS gene, which catalyzes the rate-limiting step in Pro biosynthesis, is induced by salt stress to a higher level in sos1 than in the wild type. Although a defective high-affinity K uptake system in sos1 causes K deficiency and inhibits growth in NaCl-treated plants, this decrease is not a sufficient signal for Pro accumulation and P5CS gene expression. Not all salt-stress-induced genes have a higher level of expression in sos1. The expression levels of AtPLC and RD29A, which encode a phospholipase C homolog and a putative protective protein, respectively, are the same in sos1 as in the wild type. However, the expression of AtMYB, which encodes a putative transcriptional factor, is induced to a much higher level by salt stress in sos1. Thus, the SOS1 gene product serves as a negative regulator for the expression of P5CS and AtMYB, but has no effect on AtPLC and RD29A expression.

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