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Nucleic Acids Res. Nov 15, 1999; 27(22): 4305–4313.
PMCID: PMC148710

Compilation and analysis of sigma(54)-dependent promoter sequences.


Promoters recognized by the RNA-polymerase with the alternative sigma factor sigma(54) (Esigma54) are unique in having conserved positions around -24 and -12 nucleotides upstream from the transcriptional start site, instead of the typical -35 and -10 boxes. Here we compile 186 -24/-12 promoter sequences reported in the literature and generate an updated and extended consensus sequence. The use of the extended consensus increases the probability of identifying genuine -24/-12 promoters. The effect of several reported mutations at the -24/-12 elements on RNA-polymerase binding and promoter strength is discussed in the light of the updated consensus.

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