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Nucleic Acids Res. 1998 Mar 1; 26(5): 1185–1190.
PMCID: PMC147378

Site-selective inhibition of plastid RNA editing by heat shock and antibiotics: a role for plastid translation in RNA editing.


RNA editing in higher plant plastids changes single cytidine residues to uridine through an unknown mechanism. In order to investigate the relation of editing to physiological processes and to other steps in plastid gene expression, we have tested the sensitivity of chloroplast RNA editing to heat shock and antibiotics. We show that heat shock conditions as well as treatment of plants with prokaryotic translational inhibitors can inhibit plastid RNA editing. Surprisingly, this inhibitory effect is confined to a limited number of plastid editing sites suggesting that some site-specific factor(s) but none of the general components of the plastid RNA editing machinery are compromised. Contrary to previous expectations, our results provide evidence for a role of plastid translation in RNA editing.

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