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Genetics. Jul 2004; 167(3): 1317–1329.
PMCID: PMC1470948

Wide-cross whole-genome radiation hybrid mapping of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.).


We report the development and characterization of a "wide-cross whole-genome radiation hybrid" (WWRH) panel from cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Chromosomes were segmented by gamma-irradiation of G. hirsutum (n = 26) pollen, and segmented chromosomes were rescued after in vivo fertilization of G. barbadense egg cells (n = 26). A 5-krad gamma-ray WWRH mapping panel (N = 93) was constructed and genotyped at 102 SSR loci. SSR marker retention frequencies were higher than those for animal systems and marker retention patterns were informative. Using the program RHMAP, 52 of 102 SSR markers were mapped into 16 syntenic groups. Linkage group 9 (LG 9) SSR markers BNL0625 and BNL2805 had been colocalized by linkage analysis, but their order was resolved by differential retention among WWRH plants. Two linkage groups, LG 13 and LG 9, were combined into one syntenic group, and the chromosome 1 linkage group marker BNL4053 was reassigned to chromosome 9. Analyses of cytogenetic stocks supported synteny of LG 9 and LG 13 and localized them to the short arm of chromosome 17. They also supported reassignment of marker BNL4053 to the long arm of chromosome 9. A WWRH map of the syntenic group composed of linkage groups 9 and 13 was constructed by maximum-likelihood analysis under the general retention model. The results demonstrate not only the feasibility of WWRH panel construction and mapping, but also complementarity to traditional linkage mapping and cytogenetic methods.

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