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Genetics. Mar 2004; 166(3): 1367–1373.
PMCID: PMC1470793

Molecular cytogenetic definition of the chicken genome: the first complete avian karyotype.


Chicken genome mapping is important for a range of scientific disciplines. The ability to distinguish chromosomes of the chicken and other birds is thus a priority. Here we describe the molecular cytogenetic characterization of each chicken chromosome using chromosome painting and mapping of individual clones by FISH. Where possible, we have assigned the chromosomes to known linkage groups. We propose, on the basis of size, that the NOR chromosome is approximately the size of chromosome 22; however, we suggest that its original assignment of 16 should be retained. We also suggest a definitive chromosome classification system and propose that the probes developed here will find wide utility in the fields of developmental biology, DT40 studies, agriculture, vertebrate genome organization, and comparative mapping of avian species.

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