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Genetics. Mar 2004; 166(3): 1561–1570.
PMCID: PMC1470790

Comparing linkage disequilibrium-based methods for fine mapping quantitative trait loci.


Recently, a method for fine mapping quantitative trait loci (QTL) using linkage disequilibrium was proposed to map QTL by modeling covariance between individuals, due to identical-by-descent (IBD) QTL alleles, on the basis of the similarity of their marker haplotypes under an assumed population history. In the work presented here, the advantage of using marker haplotype information for fine mapping QTL was studied by comparing the IBD-based method with 10 markers to regression on a single marker, a pair of markers, or a two-locus haplotype under alternative population histories. When 10 markers were genotyped, the IBD-based method estimated the position of the QTL more accurately than did single-marker regression in all populations. When 20 markers were genotyped for regression, as single-marker methods do not require knowledge of haplotypes, the mapping accuracy of regression in all populations was similar to or greater than that of the IBD-based method using 10 markers. Thus for populations similar to those simulated here, the IBD-based method is comparable to single-marker regression analysis for fine mapping QTL.

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