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J Anat. 1998 Nov; 193(Pt 4): 611–616.
PMCID: PMC1467886

Embryonal feather growth in the chicken


Prenatal feather growth development in the chicken was studied in 7 body regions in HH stages 27–45, using direct measurements, specific histological and immunohistochemical methods, and scanning electron microscopy. The results from measurements of absolute length values, and, particularly, growth rate development in each HH stage revealed a distinct phase of most intensive growth in HH stage 40–41, which was preceded by feather follicle insertion and accompanied by the occurrence of α-keratins in barbule cells. Specific regional evaluation demonstrated that growth in the feather follicles of abdominal skin generally showed the slowest progression from absolute values and that in the feather filaments of the developing wings the most rapid progression occurred during HH stage 40–41 from growth rate values.

Keywords: Feather growth, embryo, chicken

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