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Genetics. Oct 2003; 165(2): 477–488.
PMCID: PMC1462777

Schizosaccharomyces pombe Ras1 effector, Scd1, interacts with Klp5 and Klp6 kinesins to mediate cytokinesis.


Fission yeast Scd1 is an exchange factor for Cdc42 and an effector of Ras1. In a screen for scd1 interacting genes, we isolated klp5 and klp6, which encode presumptive kinesins. Klp5 and Klp6 form a complex to control the same processes, which so far include microtubule dynamics and chromosome segregation. We showed that klp5 or klp6 inactivation in combination with the scd1 deletion (scd1delta) created a synthetic temperature-dependent growth defect. Further genetic analysis demonstrated that Klp5 and Klp6 interacted specifically with the Ras1-Scd1 pathway, but not with the Ras1-Byr2 pathway. In addition, Klp5 and Klp6 can stably associate with Scd1 and Cdc42. A deletion in the Scd1 C terminus, which contains the PB1 domain, prevented Scd1 binding to Klp5/6 and caused a growth defect in Klp5/6 mutant cells that is indistinguishable from that induced by scd1delta. Analysis of the double-mutant phenotype indicated that at the nonpermissive temperature, cells failed to undergo cytokinesis efficiently. These cells contained abnormal contractile rings in which F-actin and Mid1, a key regulator of F-actin ring formation and positioning, are mispositioned and fragmented. These data suggest that Klp5/6 cooperate with the Ras1-Scd1 pathway to influence proper formation of the contractile ring for cytokinesis.

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