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Genetics. Sep 2003; 165(1): 277–285.
PMCID: PMC1462731

Haplotype sharing refines the location of an imprinted quantitative trait locus with major effect on muscle mass to a 250-kb chromosome segment containing the porcine IGF2 gene.


We herein describe the fine mapping of an imprinted QTL with major effect on muscle mass that was previously assigned to distal SSC2p in the pig. The proposed approach exploits linkage disequilibrium in combination with QTL genotyping by marker-assisted segregation analysis. By identifying a haplotype shared by all "Q" chromosomes, we map the QTL to an approximately 250-kb chromosome segment containing INS and IGF2 as the only known paternally expressed genes. This considerably reinforces the candidacy of these genes, justifying their detailed analysis.

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