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Genetics. May 2003; 164(1): 359–372.
PMCID: PMC1462567

Comparison of a Brassica oleracea genetic map with the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana.


Brassica oleracea is closely related to the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana. Despite this relationship, it has been difficult to both identify the most closely related segments between the genomes and determine the degree of genome replication within B. oleracea relative to A. thaliana. These difficulties have arisen in part because both species have replicated genomes, and the criteria used to identify orthologous regions between the genomes are often ambiguous. In this report, we compare the positions of sequenced Brassica loci with a known position on a B. oleracea genetic map to the positions of their putative orthologs within the A. thaliana genome. We use explicit criteria to distinguish orthologous from paralogous loci. In addition, we develop a conservative algorithm to identify collinear loci between the genomes and a permutation test to evaluate the significance of these regions. The algorithm identified 34 significant A. thaliana regions that are collinear with >28% of the B. oleracea genetic map. These regions have a mean of 3.3 markers spanning 2.1 Mbp of the A. thaliana genome and 2.5 cM of the B. oleracea genetic map. Our findings are consistent with the hypothesis that the B. oleracea genome has been highly rearranged since divergence from A. thaliana, likely as a result of polyploidization.

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