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Genetics. 2003 Jan; 163(1): 453–456.
PMCID: PMC1462405

Mosaicism of Solid Gold supports the causality of a noncoding A-to-G transition in the determinism of the callipyge phenotype.


To identify the callipyge mutation, we have resequenced 184 kb spanning the DLK1-, GTL2-, PEG11-, and MEG8-imprinted domain and have identified an A-to-G transition in a highly conserved dodecamer motif between DLK1 and GTL2. This was the only difference found between the callipyge (CLPG) allele and a phylogenetically closely related wild-type allele. We report that this SNP is in perfect association with the callipyge genotype. The demonstration that Solid Gold-the alleged founder ram of the callipyge flock-is mosaic for this SNP virtually proves the causality of this SNP in the determinism of the callipyge phenotype.

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