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Genetics. Nov 2002; 162(3): 1275–1282.
PMCID: PMC1462318

Mapping unexplored genomes: a genetic linkage map of the Hawaiian cricket Laupala.


As with many organisms of evolutionary interest, the Hawaiian cricket Laupala genome is not well characterized genetically. Mapping such an unexplored genome therefore presents challenges not often faced in model genetic organisms and not well covered in the literature. We discuss the evolutionary merits of Laupala as a model for speciation studies involving prezygotic change, our choice of marker system for detecting genetic variation, and the initial genetic expectations pertaining to the construction of any unknown genomic map in general and to the Laupala linkage map construction in particular. We used the technique of amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) to develop a linkage map of Laupala. We utilized both EcoRI/MseI- and EcoRI/PstI-digested genomic DNA to generate AFLP bands and identified 309 markers that segregated among F(2) interspecific hybrid individuals. The map is composed of 231 markers distributed over 11 and 7 species-specific autosomal groups together with a number of putative X chromosome linkage groups. The integration of codominant markers enabled the identification of five homologous linkage groups corresponding to five of the seven autosomal chromosomal pairs found in Laupala.

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