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Genetics. 2002 Jun; 161(2): 931–938.
PMCID: PMC1462155

On the detection of imprinted quantitative trait loci in experimental crosses of outbred species.


In this article, the quantitative genetic aspects of imprinted genes and statistical properties of methods to detect imprinted QTL are studied. Different models to detect imprinted QTL and to distinguish between imprinted and Mendelian QTL were compared in a simulation study. Mendelian and imprinted QTL were simulated in an F2 design and analyzed under Mendelian and imprinting models. Mode of expression was evaluated against the H(0) of a Mendelian QTL as well as the H(0) of an imprinted QTL. It was shown that imprinted QTL might remain undetected when analyzing the genome with Mendelian models only. Compared to testing against a Mendelian QTL, using the H(0) of an imprinted QTL gave a higher proportion of correctly identified imprinted QTL, but also gave a higher proportion of false inference of imprinting for Mendelian QTL. When QTL were segregating in the founder lines, spurious detection of imprinting became more prominent under both tests, especially for designs with a small number of F1 sires.

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