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Genetics. Apr 2002; 160(4): 1609–1618.
PMCID: PMC1462050

Simultaneous detection and fine mapping of quantitative trait loci in mice using heterogeneous stocks.


We describe a method to simultaneously detect and fine map quantitative trait loci (QTL) that is especially suited to the mapping of modifier loci in mouse mutant models. The method exploits the high level of historical recombination present in a heterogeneous stock (HS), an outbred population of mice derived from known founder strains. The experimental design is an F(2) cross between the HS and a genetically distinct line, such as one carrying a knockout or transgene. QTL detection is performed by a standard genome scan with approximately 100 markers and fine mapping by typing the same animals using densely spaced markers over those candidate regions detected by the scan. The analysis uses an extension of the dynamic-programming technique employed previously to fine map QTL in HS mice. We show by simulation that a QTL accounting for 5% of the total variance can be detected and fine mapped with >50% probability to within 3 cM by genotyping approximately 1500 animals.

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