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Genetics. Oct 2001; 159(2): 823–837.
PMCID: PMC1461827

Transmission genetics of chromatin from a synthetic amphidiploid to cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). broadening the gene pool of a monophyletic polyploid species.


Polyploidy creates severe genetic bottlenecks, contributing to the genetic vulnerability of leading crops. Cultivated peanut is thought to be of monophyletic origin, harboring relatively little genetic diversity. To introduce variability from diploid wild species into tetraploid cultivated Arachis hypogaea, a synthetic amphidiploid [[A. batizocoi K9484 x (A. cardenasii GKP10017 x A. diogoi GKP10602)](4x)] was used as donor parent to generate a backcross population of 78 progeny. Three hundred seventy RFLP loci were mapped onto 23 linkage groups, spanning 2210 cM. Chromatin derived from the two A-genome diploid ancestors (A. cardenasii and A. diogoi) comprised mosaic chromosomes, reflecting crossing over in the diploid A-genome interspecific F(1) hybrid. Recombination between chromosomes in the tetraploid progeny was similar to chromosome pairing reported for A. hypogaea, with recombination generally between chromosomes of the same subgenomic affinity. Segregation distortion was observed for 25% of the markers, distributed over 20 linkage groups. Unexpectedly, 68% of the markers deviating from expected segregation showed an excess of the synthetic parent allele. Genetic consequences, relationship to species origins, and significance for comparative genetics are discussed.

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