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Genetics. Oct 2000; 156(2): 899–911.
PMCID: PMC1461263

Multitrait least squares for quantitative trait loci detection.


A multiple-trait QTL mapping method using least squares is described. It is presented as an extension of a single-trait method for use with three-generation, outbred pedigrees. The multiple-trait framework allows formal testing of whether the same QTL affects more than one trait (i.e., a pleiotropic QTL) or whether more than one linked QTL are segregating. Several approaches to the testing procedure are presented and their suitability discussed. The performance of the method is investigated by simulation. As previously found, multitrait analyses increase the power to detect a pleiotropic QTL and the precision of its location estimate. With enough information, discrimination between alternative genetic models is possible.

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