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Genetics. Sep 2000; 156(1): 327–339.
PMCID: PMC1461246

Production and characterization of maize chromosome 9 radiation hybrids derived from an oat-maize addition line.


In maize (Zea mays L., 2n = 2x = 20), map-based cloning and genome organization studies are often complicated because of the complexity of the genome. Maize chromosome addition lines of hexaploid cultivated oat (Avena sativa L., 2n = 6x = 42), where maize chromosomes can be individually manipulated, represent unique materials for maize genome analysis. Maize chromosome addition lines are particularly suitable for the dissection of a single maize chromosome using radiation because cultivated oat is an allohexaploid in which multiple copies of the oat basic genome provide buffering to chromosomal aberrations and other mutations. Irradiation (gamma rays at 30, 40, and 50 krad) of a monosomic maize chromosome 9 addition line produced maize chromosome 9 radiation hybrids (M9RHs)-oat lines possessing different fragments of maize chromosome 9 including intergenomic translocations and modified maize addition chromosomes with internal and terminal deletions. M9RHs with 1 to 10 radiation-induced breaks per chromosome were identified. We estimated that a panel of 100 informative M9RHs (with an average of 3 breaks per chromosome) would allow mapping at the 0. 5- to 1.0-Mb level of resolution. Because mapping with maize chromosome addition lines and radiation hybrid derivatives involves assays for the presence or absence of a given marker, monomorphic markers can be quickly and efficiently mapped to a chromosome region. Radiation hybrid derivatives also represent sources of region-specific DNA for cloning of genes or DNA markers.

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