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Genetics. Mar 2000; 154(3): 1301–1308.
PMCID: PMC1460997

Recombination of chromosomes 3A(m) and 5A(m) of Triticum monococcum with homeologous chromosomes 3A and 5A of wheat: the distribution of recombination across chromosomes.


Recombination of chromosomes 3A(m) and 5A(m) of Triticum monococcum with closely homeologous chromosomes 3A and 5A of T. aestivum was compared with recombination across corresponding homologous chromosome pairs. Differentiation between the homeologues impacted recombination in the proximal regions of the long arms the most and in the distal regions of the long arms the least. It is concluded that this variation principally reflects allocation of multiple crossovers across an arm and positive crossover interference across chromosome arms. Recombination rates between homeologous chromosomes 5A(m) and 5A differed in the opposite sexes.

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