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Genetics. Dec 1999; 153(4): 1909–1918.
PMCID: PMC1460846

Induction and characterization of Ph1 wheat mutants.


The cloning of genes for complex traits in polyploid plants that possess large genomes, such as hexaploid wheat, requires an efficient strategy. We present here one such strategy focusing on the homologous pairing suppressor (Ph1) locus of wheat. This locus has been shown to affect both premeiotic and meiotic processes, possibly suggesting a complex control. The strategy combined the identification of lines carrying specific deletions using multiplex PCR screening of fast-neutron irradiated wheat populations with the approach of physically mapping the region in the rice genome equivalent to the deletion to reveal its gene content. As a result, we have located the Ph1 factor controlling the euploid-like level of homologous chromosome pairing to the region between two loci (Xrgc846 and Xpsr150A). These loci are located within 400 kb of each other in the rice genome. By sequencing this region of the rice genome, it should now be possible to define the nature of this factor.

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