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Genetics. Aug 1999; 152(4): 1679–1690.
PMCID: PMC1460688

Detection of quantitative trait loci for backfat thickness and intramuscular fat content in pigs (Sus scrofa).


In an experimental cross between Meishan and Dutch Large White and Landrace lines, 619 F(2) animals and their parents were typed for molecular markers covering the entire porcine genome. Associations were studied between these markers and two fatness traits: intramuscular fat content and backfat thickness. Association analyses were performed using interval mapping by regression under two genetic models: (1) an outbred line-cross model where the founder lines were assumed to be fixed for different QTL alleles; and (2) a half-sib model where a unique allele substitution effect was fitted within each of the 19 half-sib families. Both approaches revealed for backfat thickness a highly significant QTL on chromosome 7 and suggestive evidence for a QTL at chromosome 2. Furthermore, suggestive QTL affecting backfat thickness were detected on chromosomes 1 and 6 under the line-cross model. For intramuscular fat content the line-cross approach showed suggestive evidence for QTL on chromosomes 2, 4, and 6, whereas the half-sib analysis showed suggestive linkage for chromosomes 4 and 7. The nature of the QTL effects and assumptions underlying both models could explain discrepancies between the findings under the two models. It is concluded that both approaches can complement each other in the analysis of data from outbred line crosses.

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