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Genetics. Nov 1998; 150(3): 1209–1216.
PMCID: PMC1460376

Genetics of adaptive radiation in Hawaiian and Cook Islands species of Tetramolopium (Asteraceae). II. Genetic linkage map and its implications for interspecific breeding barriers.


In a study of the genetic mechanisms associated with adaptive radiation in Hawaiian Tetramolopium, a genetic linkage map was constructed in an interspecific cross. A total of 125 RFLP and RAPD markers were mapped into 117 different loci on nine linkage groups for a map length of 665.7 cM. Segregation distortion occurred in 49% of the mapped probes, located primarily in four linkage groups. High percentages of one parental species genotype (Tetramolopium rockii) were recovered in three of these blocks and the second parental species (T. humile) in the remaining block. The high degree of distorted segregation suggests the buildup of internal crossing barriers, even though island plant species are typically characterized as highly cross compatible with few to no internal crossing barriers. This work and a review of previous crossing studies in island plants show that internal (postmating) crossing barriers do exist. The weak crossing barriers have likely been overlooked because the main focus has been on diversification and speciation through adaptation to extremely diverse environments.

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