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Genetics. May 1998; 149(1): 319–327.
PMCID: PMC1460138

Molecular mapping of segregation distortion loci in Aegilops tauschii.


Distorted segregation ratios of genetic markers are often observed in progeny of inter- and intraspecific hybrids and may result from competition among gametes or from abortion of the gamete or zygote. In this study, 194 markers mapped in an Aegilops tauschii F2 population were surveyed for distorted segregation ratios. Region(s) with skewed segregation ratios were detected on chromosomes 1D, 3D, 4D, and 7D. These distorter loci are designated as QSd.ksu-1D, QSd. ksu-3D, QSd.ksu-4D, and QSd.ksu-7D. Three regions of segregation distortion identified on chromosome 5D were analyzed in two sets of reciprocal backcross populations to analyze the effect of sex and cytoplasm on segregation distortion. Extreme distortion of marker segregation ratios was observed in populations in which the F1 was used as the male parent, and ratios were skewed in favor of TA1691 alleles. There was some evidence of differential transmission caused by nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions. Our results agree with other studies stating that loci affecting gametophyte competition in male gametes are located on 5DL. The distorter loci on 5DL are designated as QSd.ksu-5D.1, QSd.ksu-5D.2, and QSd.ksu-5D.3.

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