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Nucleic Acids Res. Jan 1, 1996; 24(1): 21–25.
PMCID: PMC145613

The SWISS-PROT protein sequence data bank and its new supplement TREMBL.


SWISS-PROT is a curated protein sequence database which strives to provide a high level of annotation (such as the description of the function of a protein, its domain structure, post-translational modifications, variants, etc), a minimal level of redundancy and a high level of integration with other databases. Recent developments of the database include: an increase in the number and scope of model organisms; cross-references to seven additional databases; a variety of new documentation files; the creation of TREMBL, and unannotated supplement to SWISS-PROT. This supplement consists of entries in SWISS-PROT-like format derived from the translation of all coding sequences (CDS) in the EMBL nucleotide sequence database, except CDS already included in SWISS-PROT.

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