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Plant Cell. Oct 1998; 10(10): 1733–1746.
PMCID: PMC143946

Inefficient reinitiation is responsible for upstream open reading frame-mediated translational repression of the maize R gene.


Maize R genes encode a small family of transcriptional activators of several structural genes in the anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway. The 5' leader region of most R genes contains a 38-codon upstream open reading frame (uORF) that previously was shown to be responsible for the repression of downstream gene expression in a transient transformation assay. In this study, we report that the 5' leader also can repress translation of the downstream luciferase gene both in the rabbit reticulocyte translation system and in transgenic rice plants. The ability to visualize the uORF peptide after in vitro translation permits quantification of both products of dicistronic mRNAs. Similarly, the construction of transgenic rice plants expressing wild-type and mutant constructs permits the quantification and correlation of steady state mRNA levels and reporter gene activities. Using these assays, we demonstrate directly that translation of the uORF is required for repression, that increasing translation of the uORF peptide decreases downstream gene expression, and that repression is unaffected by either subtle or gross changes in the uORF peptide. Rather, we find that ribosomes that translate the uORF reinitiate inefficiently and that the intercistronic sequence downstream of the uORF mediates this effect.

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