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Immunology. Oct 1992; 77(2): 219–227.
PMCID: PMC1421635

Subsets of null and gamma delta T-cell receptor+ T lymphocytes in the blood of young pigs identified by specific monoclonal antibodies.


Rat monoclonal antibodies (mAb) against isolated pig Null T cells were derived using a novel two-colour cytofluorometric assay. One (MAC320) identified all blood CD2-sIg- 'Null' cells (present at up to approximately 6 x 10(6)/ml). Another type (MAC319 and MAC318) identified a subset comprising approximately 60% or approximately 30% of the Null cell population. This percentage appears genetically determined. This subset partially overlapped with a gamma delta T-cell receptor+ (TcR+) population which consisted of approximately 40% of Null T cells. The antibodies did not react with other leucocyte or lymphocyte populations. In non-reducing conditions, MAC320 precipitated two molecules at approximately 270,000-280,000 MW in SDS-PAGE; the larger of which was also precipitated by MAC319 (and MAC318, which binds to the same epitope). Under reducing conditions, MAC320 immunoprecipitated two or three polypeptide chains at approximately 130,000-160,000 MW; MAC319 precipitated only the largest of these polypeptides. The large MAC319+ MAC320+ molecule on one subset is removed by bromelain treatment; the smaller MAC319- MAC320+ molecule on the remaining Null cells is not bromelain sensitive. Several properties of this new antigen complex specific to pig Null T cells show that it is distinct from the ruminant T19 complex.

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