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Published online 2006 Jan 24. doi:  10.1186/1472-6750-6-7

Table 2

Evaluation of sequencing results of three DNA hairpin constructs. Average ratio of peak height after to before the hairpin region was determined as a measure of how well the sequence read through the hairpin structure. The greater the peak height ratio, the greater the ability to sequence through the hairpin. A value of 1 indicates no loss in peak height, and a value of zero indicates a complete stop in sequence after the hairpin region. All values are the averages of at least triplicate sequencing reactions.

DNA Plasmid

ChemistryDNA relaxing agentPeak Height RatioPeak Height RatioPeak Height Ratio

BDv1.15% DMSO0.00.60.2
BDv1.10.83 M Betaine0.30.90.7
BDv1.11 × PCRx Enhancer0.10.70.3
BDv1.10.83 M Betaine & 1 × PCRx Enhancer0.60.90.5
20:1 BD:dGTPNone0.40.60.5
20:1 BD:dGTP5% DMSO0.60.70.6
20:1 BD:dGTP0.83 M Betaine0.71.00.8
20:1 BD:dGTP1 × PCRx Enhancer0.60.80.7
20:1 BD:dGTP0.83 M Betaine & 1 × PCRx Enhancer0.80.90.8
10:1 BD:dGTPNone0.50.60.6
10:1 BD:dGTP5% DMSO0.70.80.7
10:1 BD:dGTP0.83 M Betaine0.80.90.9
10:1 BD:dGTP1 × PCRx Enhancer0.70.80.8
10:1 BD:dGTP0.83 M Betaine & 1 × PCRx Enhancer0.91.00.9
10:1 BD:dGTP1 × ThermoFidelase I0.10.20.2
5:1 BD:dGTPNone0.60.70.7
3:1 BD:dGTPNone0.60.60.6
dGTP onlyNone0.70.70.8