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Published online 2006 Jan 24. doi:  10.1186/1472-6750-6-7

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DNA sequencing of pHSPG-shTLR4 using modified reaction conditions. DNA sequencing peaks are shown in a full scale view where base positions are indicated by the row of numbers in each panel and the Y axis is the signal intensity. Sequencing reaction conditions shown are BigDye v1.1 (BD) chemistry (A), 0.83 M Betaine + 1 ×PCRx Enhancer in BD chemistry (B), 10:1 BD:dGTP chemistries (C), 0.83 M Betaine + 1 ×PCRx Enhancer in 10:1 BD:dGTP chemistries (D), and 1 × ThermoFidelase I in 10:1 BD:dGTP chemistries (E). The drop in signal (step in peak height) at the hairpin is highlighted by an arrow in the 10:1 BD:dGTP chemistries panel.

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