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Am J Hum Genet. Jun 2000; 66(6): 1989–1994.
Published online Apr 25, 2000. doi:  10.1086/302936
PMCID: PMC1378048

Familial juvenile hyperuricemic nephropathy: localization of the gene on chromosome 16p11.2-and evidence for genetic heterogeneity.


Familial juvenile hyperuricemic nephropathy (FJHN), is an autosomal dominant renal disease characterized by juvenile onset of hyperuricemia, gouty arthritis, and progressive renal failure at an early age. Using a genomewide linkage analysis in three Czech affected families, we have identified, on chromosome 16p11.2, a locus for FJHN and have found evidence for genetic heterogeneity and reduced penetrance of the disease. The maximum two-point LOD score calculated with allowance for heterogeneity (HLOD) was 4.70, obtained at recombination fraction 0, with marker D16S3036; multipoint linkage analysis yielded a maximum HLOD score of 4.76 at the same location. Haplotype analysis defined a 10-cM candidate region between flanking markers D16S501 and D16S3113, exhibiting crossover events with the disease locus. The candidate interval contains several genes expressed in the kidney, two of which-uromodulin and NADP-regulated thyroid-hormone-binding protein-represent promising candidates for further analysis.

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