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Characterization of invaded limbal basal epithelial cells in AL explants. A: Cytoplasmic staining of K3 keratin was noted in all suprabasal, but not basal, epithelial cells of the normal limbus. B: In contrast, negative staining of K3 keratin extended from basal to several suprabasal epithelial layers in the limbal region of AL explants. The dotted line indicates the basement membrane. C and E: Intercellular staining of E-cadherin was noted in all basal and suprabasal epithelial cell layers of the normal limbus. D and F: In contrast, E-cadherin staining was negative in some basal epithelial cells, especially at the tip of those invading cell in AL explants (arrows). G and I: Intercellular staining of β-catenin was also noted in basal and suprabasal epithelial cells of the normal limbus. H and J: In contrast, staining of β-catenin was located in the nucleus and cytoplasm of basal and suprabasal epithelial cells in AL explants (arrows). K: Double staining of collagen IV and vimentin showed that vimentin-positive basal cells were preferentially located in the collagen IV-degraded area (red, collagen IV; green, vimentin; and blue, nuclei; arrows). L and M: Nuclear staining of Ki67 was infrequently noted in the normal limbus (L, arrows), but vividly found in the tip of invading limbal basal epithelial cells of AL explants (M, arrows). All photographs of A to D and G and H are taken at the same magnification, so are E, F, I, and J. Scale bars, 50 μm.

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