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Ann Surg. 1980 Nov; 192(5): 604–613.
PMCID: PMC1344940

Reduction of operative morbidity and mortality by combined preoperative and postoperative nutritional support.


A previously developed and validated predictive nutritional assessment model (Prognostic Nutritional Index) was applied to a heterogenous surgical population. Without knowledge of the then undeveloped PNI, adequate preoperative nutritional repletion (TPN) was provided on clinical indications alone to 50 of 145 patients with the remaining 95 patients receiving no preoperative total parenteral nutrition. Analysis of the two groups found no baseline differences in nutritional status, type and severity of disease and/or operative therapy, and other potentially important variables. In the high-risk stratified group as defined by admission nutritional assessment and calculated PNI (greater than or equal to 50%), adequate preoperative TPN reduced postoperative complications 2.5-fold (p < 0.01), postoperative major sepsis six-fold (p < 0.005) and mortality five-fold (p < 0.01). Clinical "eyeball" evaluation of nutritional status cannot identify high-risk individuals. This nutritional assessment predictive model (PNI) identifies the subset of operative candidates in whom adequate preoperative nutritional support significantly reduces operative morbidity and/or mortality.

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