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Biophys J. May 1983; 42(2): 151–157.
PMCID: PMC1329218

Relationship between membrane excitability and single channel open-close kinetics.


We have developed a novel technique for simulating the influence of the effects of single channel kinetics on the voltage changes associated with membrane excitability. The technique uses probability distribution functions for the durations of channel open- and closed-state lifetimes, which can be calculated for any model of the ion conductance process. To illustrate the technique, we have used the Hodgkin and Huxley model of nerve membrane ion conductances to simulate channel kinetics during predetermined voltage changes, such as a voltage jump and an action potential. We have also simulated the influence of channels on voltage changes in a free running, non-voltage-clamped patch of membrane 1 micron2 or less in area. The latter results provide a direct illustration of the relationship between fluctuations of membrane excitability and fluctuations in channel open- and closed-state lifetimes.

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