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Effects of pharmacologic ascorbic acid concentrations on cancer and normal cells. Concentrations in this and all figures indicate final concentrations. (A) EC50 values of ascorbate in human and mouse cancer cells and normal human cells. All cells were treated with ascorbate for 1 h, washed, and recultured without ascorbate. EC50 values were determined 18-22 h later by using Hoechst/PI for human Burkitt's lymphoma cells (JLP119), MTT and Hoechst/PI for normal lymphocytes and monocytes, and MTT for all other cells (see Materials and Methods). (B) Colony formation of cancer cells in soft agar after a 1-h treatment with 5 mM ascorbate. Surviving fraction, expressed in log scale, indicates the number of treated colonies compared with matched untreated control cells.

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