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Genetics. 1981 Jun; 98(2): 239–255.
PMCID: PMC1214437

Differential Mitotic Stability of Yeast Disomes Derived from Triploid Meiosis


The frequencies of recovered disomy among the meiotic segregants of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) triploids were assessed under conditions in which all 17 yeast chromosomes were monitored simultaneously. The studies employed inbred triploids, in which all homologous centromeres were identical by descent, and single haploid testers carrying genetic markers for all 17 linkage groups. The principal results include: (1) Ascospores from triploid meiosis germinate at frequencies comparable to those from normal diploids, but most fail to produce visible colonies due to the growth-retarding effects of high multiple disomy. (2) The probability of disome formation during triploid meiosis is the same for all chromosomes; disomy for any given chromosome does not exclude simultaneous disomy for any other chromosome. (3) The 17 yeast chromosomes fall into three frequency classes in terms of disome recovery. The results support the idea that multiply disomic meiotic segregants of the triploid experience repeated, nonrandom, post-germination mitotic chromosome losses (N+1→N) and that the observed variations in individual disome recovery are wholly attributable to inherent differences in disome mitotic stability.

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