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Genetics. 1980 Sep; 96(1): 165–186.
PMCID: PMC1214287

Male-Specific Lethal Mutations of DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER


A total of 7,416 ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS)-treated second chromosomes and 6,212 EMS-treated third chromosomes were screened for sex-specific lethals. Four new recessive male-specific lethal mutations were recovered. When in homozygous condition, each of these mutations kills males during the late larval or early pupal stages, but has no detectable effect in females. One mutant, mlets, is a temperature sensitive allele of maleless, mle (Fukunaga, Tanaka and Oishi 1975), while the other three mutants identify two new loci: male-specific lethal-1 (msl-1) (two alleles) at map position 2-53.3 and male-specific lethal-2 (msl-2) at 2-9.0.——The male-specific lethality associated with these mutants is not related to the sex per se of the mutant flies, since sex-transforming genes fail to interact with these mutations. Moreover, the presence or absence of a Y chromosome in males or females has no influence on the male-specific lethal action of these mutations. Finally, no single region of the X chromosome, when present as a duplication, is sufficient to rescue males from the lethal effects of msl-1 or msl-2. These results suggest that the number of complete X chromosomes determines whether a fly homozygous for a male-specific lethal mutation lives or dies.

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