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Genetics. Sep 1980; 96(1): 147–164.
PMCID: PMC1214286

unc-93(e1500): A Behavioral Mutant of CAENORHABDITIS ELEGANS That Defines a Gene with a Wild-Type Null Phenotype


The uncoordinated, egg-laying-defective mutation, unc-93(e1500) III, of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans spontaneously reverts to a wild-type phenotype. We describe 102 spontaneous and mutagen-induced revertants that define three loci, two extragenic (sup-9 II and sup-10 X) and one intragenic. Genetic analysis suggests that e1500 is a rare visible allele that generates a toxic product and that intragenic reversion, resulting from the generation of null alleles of the unc-93 gene, eliminates the toxic product. We propose that the genetic properties of the unc-93 locus, including the spontaneous reversion of the e1500 mutation, indicate that unc-93 may be a member of a multigene family. The extragenic suppressors also appear to arise as the result of elimination of gene activity; these genes may encode regulatory functions or products that interact with the unc-93 gene product. Genes such as unc-93, sup-9 and sup-10 may be useful for genetic manipulations, including the generation of deficiencies and mutagen testing.

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