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Genetics. Nov 1977; 87(3): 391–399.
PMCID: PMC1213749

Generalized Transduction in CAULOBACTER CRESCENTUS


Two closely related bacteriophage, ϕCr30 and ϕCr35, are the first bacteriophage shown to mediate generalized transduction in Caulobacter crescentus. Unlike most other transducing phage, they are virulent and do not form any sort of lysogenic relationship with their host. However, they are rather inefficient at adsorption, so that transductants have a good chance of survival. The phage particles have a head 80 nm in diameter and a contractile tail 140 nm in length. Procedures for growth and transduction with ϕCr30 are relatively simple; thus, it will be of great value for the genetic analysis of C. crescentus.

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