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Genetics. Feb 1995; 139(2): 1031–1044.
PMCID: PMC1206354

Modeling Interference in Genetic Recombination


In analyzing genetic linkage data it is common to assume that the locations of crossovers along a chromosome follow a Poisson process, whereas it has long been known that this assumption does not fit the data. In many organisms it appears that the presence of a crossover inhibits the formation of another nearby, a phenomenon known as ``interference.'' We discuss several point process models for recombination that incorporate position interference but assume no chromatid interference. Using stochastic simulation, we are able to fit the models to a multilocus Drosophila dataset by the method of maximum likelihood. We find that some biologically inspired point process models incorporating one or two additional parameters provide a dramatically better fit to the data than the usual ``no-interference'' Poisson model.

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