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Genetics. Aug 1994; 137(4): 977–985.
PMCID: PMC1206074

Genetic Analysis of Dictyostelium Slug Phototaxis Mutants


Mapping and complementation analysis with 17 phototaxis mutations has established 11 complementation groups phoA-phoK distributed over six linkage groups. Statistical calculations from the complementation data yielded 17 as the maximum likelihood estimate of the number of pho genes assuming all loci are equally mutable. Most of the phototaxis mutants were found to exhibit bimodal phototaxis and all were found to be impaired in positive thermotaxis supporting convergence of the photosensory and thermosensory pathways. The thermotaxis mutant HPF228 was unaltered in phototaxis suggesting that the mutation in this strain affects a gene product whose site of action is before the convergence of the two pathways. Other phenotypes such as multiple tip formation by aggregates, stumpy fruiting bodies with short or absent stalks and short migration were associated with some pho alleles suggesting multiple biological roles for some gene products important in phototransduction.

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