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Genetics. 1994 Jul; 137(3): 875–882.
PMCID: PMC1206047

A Second Type of Normal Maize Mitochondrial Genome: An Evolutionary Link


A new type of maize mitochondrial genome has been identified in the male fertile (normal) inbred line A188. It has been named NA (N in the A188 nuclear background). In comparison to previously described maize mitochondrial genomes, it is classified as a new type since the genome contains unique DNA sequences and unique sets of repeated sequences, and has a unique organization. This brings the number of the maize mitochondrial genome types of five of which three are the cytoplasmic male steriles cmsT, cmsC and cmsS and of which two are the male fertile types NA (in this report) and NB (the previously characterized normal genome in the B37 nuclear background.

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